Erielle "Studiorelle" Perry

Building a brand #StudioRelle🎨 
    My name is Erielle Perry, and I am a 19 year old freshman Visual Artist originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. With my home being stated, My artworks theme both Jazz and Empowering Afrocentric. My collection is composed of a plethora of merchandise: Greeting Cards, Bookmarks, Notebooks, Magnets, Paperweights, Postcards, Framed Prints, & Original Paintings! 
    I have been painting and selling art since the age of 13 and have recently decided to utilize my talent to propel me into the world of Entrepreneurship. Thanks  to Clutch Couture Curator, Melissa Taylor, for the amazing opportunity to put my Art on her Canvas Clutch Collection! I am grateful for the exposure and appreciation.
- StudioRelle 
Follow her on IG @studiorelle & @imallnaturelle